Commissions Are Open


Photos will be delivered as .jpg, with at least 3000px (long side); the model in the photos will be Jennifer Günthel

Full body, partial body and/or close ups are possible with different angles and lighting options.

Minor changes in the pose are possible for the variations.  

The cameras I use:

  • Nikon D3500 
  • Canon EOS 600D

Photos in this packs will not be sold to other clients or published by JookpubStock.

The photos can be used as reference to create works of art; the right to use in photo manipulation is not included

Payment is possible via PayPal. You will receive an invoice for the payment. 

All prices excluding tax according to the small business regulation Section 19 UStG (Germany).

You will receive an invoice in English and German. Please let me know if you need an invoice with your full name and address. I personally will not need this information for my invoices under 250,00 Euro (§ 33 Satz 1 USTDV – Germany) but can add them if you want.

Please make sure to include sketches (and descriptions) for all your available slots. Use the commission inquiry form for this. Rough sketches with stick figures are fine. You can also include photos, screenshots from movies/games or 3D models.

Important are the following details:

  • Clear sketch/description of the pose
  • Angle
  • Lighting
  • Mood/Emotion
  • Are props/clothing involved?
  • Interactions with other models
  • Vehicles & Mounts
  • Overly sexualized poses
  • Technical accuracy for weapon/fighting poses
  • Technical accuracy for poses with instruments
  • Poses/themes violating my general rules
  • Nudity
  • Fetish


I may also not be able to create a pose because of lack of physical skills or because I don’t have the right props/equipment.







Please upload the filled-out document Commission Inquiry Form – Starlight Pack or Commission Inquiry Form – Moonlight Pack via the contact form below. You can edit and send the document as PDF, JPG or PNG.
Please add sketches and descriptions/details to all slots.

I will send you an offer based on your input.

If you accept (in written form) my offer, I will start working on the photos.

I will send you the photos in small resolution and with a watermark or slightly blurred in the next 14 days (most likely sooner). 

I will send you an invoice via PayPal.

After the payment is complete, I will send you the photos in full resolution and without watermark via Dropbox. I will archive these photos for at least 1 month.

Starlight Pack

  • 1 pose: 4 variations
  • exclusive rights
  • right to use as reference
  • +10 € for 1 additional pose
  • for personal and commercial use

Moonlight Pack

  • 1 pose: 6 variations
  • exclusive rights
  • right to use as reference
  • +15 € for 1 additional pose
  • for personal and commercial use


Please make sure to read the Terms of Service first.