Hi, I'm Jen!

he / she / they

I was born in 1991 and live with my wife Bee in Hamburg, Germany. I have a passion for photography and (voice) acting. Most of my time I spend making pose reference photos for artists. I love to see all the amazing artworks that I indirectly influence with my photos.

I started taking references in 2019 to draw more. I wanted to use my own references to improve my skills. Instead of drawing more, however, the exact opposite happened: I spent more time taking photos than using them for my drawings.

The biggest motivation for me is that I can help a lot of artists and get to know them better. It’s always exciting to see how many different drawing styles there are and what creative ideas people come up with to use my references. I’m especially happy when my photos are being used for fanart of characters that I like a lot or with a style that I haven’t seen (a lot) yet.

Seeing all these great works of art on social media inspires me the most when I take new photos. But I also like to look through artbooks, comics and watch films. That helps a lot to find new inspiration.