Hi, I'm

Jennifer Günthel



I live in Germany and I make pose reference photos and videos for artists since 2019.

Seeing artists being inspired and excited because of my references is my greatest joy. I love helping and supporting other people. It’s what motivates me to keep getting better at what I do. Being able to spend so much time doing exactly that is a dream come true for me.

Making and experiencing art always saved me when I was in very dark places throughout my life. And I have the hope that’s the case for other people as well. That’s why I want to make most of my content available for free and as interesting and inspiring as possible.

I want others to be able to heal, learn and grow through making art. Being an artist right now is stressful enough with social media and the unethical use of tools that should help artists and not try to replace them.

I want to provide at least a small place of peace, kindness, and support for all the people that create art to make our lives more color- and meaningful.

I’m not an activist – as much as I would love to be. I do not have what it takes to stand at the frontline and protect artists rights like others do. In videogames I always want to play the role of a heroic defender, but I end up in the healer or support role. That’s who I am. And I want to embrace that.

Jen / Jenny | he / she / they